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Did something awful happen to your (bass)guitar? We understand that you want to have your guitar repaired or upgraded! The owner of Moku Custom Guitars, Rory Bouman, has begun her career with repairing all sorts of guitars. Throughout the years there have been more than 100 guitars in front of her which needed little to a lot of help. Are you not sure what to do at this point? Ask me for help and advice regarding to damages on your guitar by contacting us . You may receive a reply within 48 hours.

Perhaps can your answer be found in our blog. Our blog is all about how to, tips and tricks and hacks!


There are so many things we can do for you and your (bass)guitar! We offer custom work but also repairment. Here is a pricelist of the basic things which we offer. The prices include 21% VAT, EXCLUDING material costs (except paintjobs) and are mentioned in the currency EURO.

  • 45€ – All-round (bass)guitar check-up [BEST DEAL] *
  • 30€ – Guitar intonating and fine-tuning [RECOMMENDED]
  • 55€ – Guitar intonating and fine-tuning Floyd Rose
  • 30€ – Applying a new Bone, Plastic, Brass, Graph tech nut
  • 150€ – Re-leveling frets and fine-tuning
  • 170€ – Re-leveling frets and fine-tuning Floyd Rose
  • 200€ – Fretting and fine-tuning
  • 80€ – Custom inlay in fretboard + removing old ones**
  • 100€ – Lacquer neck + headstock back in colour (Gloss, Satin, Matte)
  • 100€ – Lacquer neck + headstock back transparent (Gloss, Satin, Matte)
  • 130€ – Lacquer neck + fully headstock in colour or transparent (Gloss, Satin, Matte)
  • 180€ – Lacquer full body in colour or transparent (Gloss, Satin, Matte)
  • 275€ – Lacquer full guitar excl. fretboard colour or transparent (Gloss, Satin, Matte) [COMBO DEAL]
  • 120€ – Custom inlay in the body excluding any lacquer***
  • 75€ – Fretless
  • 125€ – Repair broken headstock including touch-ups such as lacquer
  • 25€ – Wiring electronics
  • 10€ – String change + advice
  • 20€ – Change tuners including filling previous holes
  • 20€ – Cleaning, Oiling and fret polishing fretboard (excl. restringing)
  • 50€ – Repair buckle wear clearcoat/1 colour guitar
  • 70€ – Repair buckle wear sunburst/acoustic guitar
  • ?? € – Get your own custom guitar made on your wishes

Every guitar is unique. These prices are general prices and may differ per guitar. For a precise price, please contact us or make an appointment for a visit.

*= This all-round check-up includes a luxury treatment for your (bass)guitar(s). This treatment includes:

– Cleaning, oiling and polishing fretboard

– Adjusting tuners

– Intonation

– Fully cleaned, polished and waxed guitar

– Polishing frets

– Clean electronica

– Adjusting screws everywhere

– Height of strings adjustment

**= This price is meant for removing old inlays and lay in already existing inlays which can be purchased anywhere. Custom handmade inlays are possible too but will require a design and measurements. Price may differ per size of the inlay.

***= Inlays on the (bass)guitar surface may require a body without any lacquer. This way it will be easier to work on and can be retouched easily. Price may differ per size of the inlay.

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You are welcome to visit us in order to spectate our products or services. Please fill in our Contact us form to make an appointment directly. 


Do you live far away from my shop or even outside of the Netherlands? We offer you an awesome opportunity to send you (bass)guitar to us by post so we can work on your guitar without having to travel! We send our packages with care, are professionally packed and are including insurance based on the value of your (bass)guitar. Delivery costs may differ per country, the delivery costs within the Netherlands are 15€ and within Europe are around 35€ including insurance. Please contact us for details regarding to shipping.

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