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Established on 10-08-2019.

Terms and conditions Moku Custom Guitars, located Sint Maartensdijk (The Netherlands), registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 75340437.

Content of this Terms & Policy:

Article 1: Definitions

Article 2: Identity of Moku Custom Guitars

Article 3: Offers and/ or quotations

Article 4: Transport and delivery

Article 5: Returning and guarantee policy

Article 6: Delivery time

Article 7: Prices

Article 8: Payment

Article 9: Liability

Article 10: Product ownership

Article 1 Definitions:

Terms & policy: The terms and conditions mentioned below.

Moku Custom Guitars: Guitar(parts) retailer registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 75340437

Agreement: The agreement which has been made between Moku Custom guitars and the other party.

Product: Every object or service which is offered by Moku Custom Guitars to the other party.

Other party: The party which accepts the terms and policies and has purchased a product or service of Moku Custom Guitars.

Purchaser: The party which has made a purchase at Moku Custom Guitars and will automatically be seen as a customer.

Fees: A percentage (%) of the total invoice amount register due to late payment after 14 calendar days.

Interest: Other word for a fee, a percentage of the total invoice amount due to late payment.

Article 2 Identity of Moku Custom Guitars

Name: Moku Custom Guitars (MCG)

Delivery address:

Albert Schweitzerstraat 12



Zeeland, The Netherlands

Appointment address:

Albert Schweitzerstraat 12



Zeeland, The Netherlands

Available from:

Daily available per e-mail, response within 24 hours.

Available for appointments between 8 AM and 8 PM, please contact us before visiting. Email: Info@mokucustomguitars.com

Chamber of Commerce number: 75340437

Tax number: NL248633569B01

Article 3 Offers and / or quotations

Offers and / or quotations may (preferred) get set on paper or digital unless this is not possible due to emergency situations such as a face to face offer. The offers and / or quotations are valid while in stock.

Moku Custom Guitars may not avoid this offer and must always fulfil the offers and quotations till the product or service is in stock. If there is a mistake made in an offer or quotations, then Moku Custom Guitars must announce this within 24 hours.

Offers in the form of discounts must be mentioned on the website or in our newsletter. There must be a valid date of expiration noted on the discount.

Article 4 Transport and delivery

Delivery will take place at Moku Custom Guitars or at the purchaser given address (unless noted differently by one of the parties). The other party (purchaser) must accept the products once delivered or handed over by the deliver or Moku Custom Guitars. The transport costs will be paid by the purchaser unless the order mount is over 100 euros.

Products which are thinner than 3 centimetre will be signed as an envelope package. Every product must be packaged with care and should not be able to get damaged while transported. Envelope packages will be shipped by PostNL (Dutch shipping company) without insurance within The Netherlands. Other foreign countries may receive insurance envelopes to prevent any serious damage. Larger than 3-centimetre products may get shipped as a package by DHL or PostNL. The packages within The Netherlands may not include an insurance while international packages will have insurance packages to prevent serious damage. Guitars, Basses, Amps, Pedals and Custom Guitars will always get shipped within The Netherlands AS WELL internationally with an insurance up to 500 euros.

Article 5 Returning and guarantee policy

The purchaser has right to revoke the Agreement for fourteen days after the delivery of the goods, without giving reasons by Moku Custom Guitars. When a product is out of stock but already paid, Moku Custom Guitars must credit the full purchased amount including the transport costs within 2-4 business days. The costs for returning the order after 14 days will be on the cost for the purchaser and will not be refunded by Moku Custom Guitars unless noted differently between Moku Custom Guitars and the other party.

Every product has a 30 days guarantee policy. This guarantee is valid within The Netherlands but also internationally. A custom-made guitar made by Moku Custom Guitars has a guarantee of 12 months based on factors such as the electronica, twisted necks and defect pickups unless noted differently. Lacquer damage, wood damages, custom edits made by the other party after purchase and related situations are not applied within the guarantee due to general play wear of a guitar. If a product is received defect or gets defect within the guarantee, Moku Custom Guitars will be responsible for providing a new product or a (partial) refund without any additional costs unless noted differently by the purchaser within a normal amount of time (within 14 days maximum).

Article 6 Delivery time

Delivery of Packages and envelopes within The Netherlands will get delivered the next business day. Please allow us to have 24 hours delay when one of our transport companies have a delay or trouble. Within Europe, the delivery time may take around 2-4 business days when transported by PostNL. Outside Europe, the delivery may take around 2-6 business days due to customs control at the border.

When your product arrives more than 48 hours later than expected, we will be responsible for the shipping costs unless noted differently. The other party (Purchaser) must first contact Moku Custom Guitars before any costs will get refunded.

Article 7 Prices

The price which is noted for the product includes 21% Tax (Dutch tax policy) and will be visible at your invoice. Moku Custom Guitars is not responsible for price changes after you finished your purchase and have paid. The prices may either be lower or higher than the original price which might have been paid. The difference will not get credited nor requested by Moku Custom Guitars.

Article 8 Payment

Orders may get fulfilled after the payment succeeds within 24 hours. If the payment does not succeed, it is suggested to contact Moku Custom Guitars for further information regarding to your payment. It could be possible that your payment has not been notified in our system while the order has been paid. If there is any doubt of successful payments, we recommend to contact us as soon as possible. It is not possible to make use of an after-pay method.

Moku Custom Guitars makes use of a net day’s policy. After receiving an invoice, it is a must to succeed the payment within 14 calendar days. Net days is the number of days a customer has to pay after receiving an invoice. When the payment has not succeeded within 14 days, there will be an extra late payment fee of an additional 5% on the total amount of the bill at the first 7 calendar days. Every 7 calendar days after the first 7 will add another 7.5% extra fee per week.

In our webstore you have different payment methods: Pay by bank transfer, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American express and Discover. After filling in your shipping address and additional information, you may get directed to our payment platform where you can succeed the payment. Moku Custom Guitars does not make use of After-pay, iDeal and Maestro. Bank transfers will directly get transferred to our Moku Custom Guitars business card number which will be personally send in a separate mail once the order has been placed successfully. It is required to note the invoice number in the description while doing a bank transfer.

Article 9: Liability

Due to international import and export to and from Moku Custom Guitars, it is difficult to prevent some scratches and slight deformation. The products are made in big amount (unless noted differently) and this may cause slight imperfections. Some colours on Moku Custom Guitars’ website are difficult to photograph due to lighting and

backgrounds. Due to this, the colour may appear slightly lighter or darker than expected. Moku custom guitars is not responsible for slightly damaged products with light scratches, deformations, darker or lighter colours.

When there is heavy damaged such as broken off parts, deep scratches, wrong sent colours, heavy colour differences, parts coming loose after a couple times of use and related subjects, Moku Custom Guitars will be responsible for replacing and/ or resending a new or replaceable product when inside of the 30 days guarantee.

Moku Custom Guitars is not responsible for damage who has been created after the 30 days guarantee. This damage will not get repaired or replaced by a new product. Once there is need of a new replaceable product, it is requested to order a new product or contact Moku Custom Guitars for a new replacement product.

Article 10: Product ownership

All delivered goods remain the property of Moku Custom Guitars until all claims that Moku Custom Guitars has on the buyer (including any related (fee) costs and interest) have been paid in full.

The purchaser is not authorised to sell, deliver or otherwise dispose of these goods, other than in accordance with his normal business and the normal destination of the goods, before such transfer of ownership. Furthermore, buyer is not permitted to pledge these goods or to grant third parties any other right to do so as long as the ownership of these goods has not been transferred to the purchaser.

The purchaser is obliged to keep the items delivered under retention of title carefully and as recognizable property of Moku Custom Guitars. Removal of logo’s, packaging and included content of the package will not be approved and may lead to extra fees when damage or changes are made. Moku Custom Guitars is entitled to take back the items that have been delivered under retention of title and are still present with the purchaser if the purchaser does not pay for timely payment of the invoices or is in payment difficulties or threatens to go Condition. The purchaser shall at all times grant free access to its business for inspection and/or to exercise the rights of Moku Custom Guitars.

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