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January 15th – New payment options

Good news! Pay with iDeal and more

We are happy to announce that Moku Custom Guitars is going to use Mollie as one of their payment partners. Mollie provides different payment methods such as iDeal (NL), Mastercard, VISA and so on. 

Why did we add more payment methods?

A smooth checkout process is always nice. iDeal instantly sents you to your bank and lets you pay by app or browser! This way you will not have to do a bank transfer or forget to pay. Of course, the previous payment methods Paypal and bank transfer will remain available. Checks will not be accepted, nor giftcards such as VVV coupons.

When will i be able to use multiple payment options?

At 15 January 2021, the payment methods will be up and running!

My payment did not succeed, what do i do now?

No worries, if we have noticed your payment is still pending and you have not sent us an email yet, we will contact you within 48 hours regarding your order.

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