Guitar bone nut front MCG

Which nut is the best for my bass or guitar?

Which nut is the best for my bass or guitar?

Guitar bone nut front MCG

There are different nuts for bass and guitars. Some of these nuts depend on the model: acoustic guitars have a complete different nut than a jazzbass. There are different materials for nuts:

  • Bone
  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Wood
  • New bone
  • TUSQ


Guitars have a wide nut of 42 to 43 mm long. The height and thickness of a nut may depend on the type of guitar. Some stratocasters, telecasters and semi-hollows have a nut which is placed in the wood of the fretboard, and not against it like more traditional models such as a Les paul or an acoustic guitar. Below you can see that our Moku Custom Guitar telecaster has a nut which is placed in the maple fretboard instead of glued against it.

Some people prefer to have a pre-slotted (bone)nut which can be positioned instantly. Others are more picky and prefer to adjust the height of a nut by using a precise file to get a perfect low and comfortable action. The most frequently used files are diamond files for both plastic and bone nuts.

Bass guitars

Bass guitars have a smaller and thicker nut due to the strings. A thin nut will tend to get loose if not glued properly although, Asian manufactorers often use thinner nuts. The average lenght of a bass nut is 38mm or just like a guitar 43mm. Precision basses most of the time have a glued against nut, while a jazzmaster has the nut in the fretboard. The exact reason why this difference is here, is not exactly clear to me. The lenght of the full neck is almost identical and i can only assume that this is a personal preference. When a nut is placed within the fretboard, it may prevent the nut from getting glued in a wrong angle.

Nut jazzbass picclick
Jazzbass with nut in the fretboard - Picture from Axemasters

Good news! New nuts are arriving soon.

We are proud to announce that we areexpanding our nut category with different options:

  • Bass nuts: both bone, plastic and jazzbass model
  • Guitar nuts: Acoustic, Les paul, Stratocaster in bone and plastic

This product got enhanced!

Stratocaster bone nut curved 43 mm

Our standard Stratocaster/telecaster model bone nut used to be rather flat in radius. Our new stock is now adjusted to the radius of an average 12′ radius guitar neck! Why is this so great? Because this means that you will have to do less adjusting to have a low and comfortable action on your guitar.

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